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When You Say “Retard” Someone Hurts

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The R Word Campaign

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41 Responses to “FREE Blog & Web Buttons”

  1. Lisa said

    Thank you!

  2. We just went and talked to a classroom of highschool kids about why you shouldn’t say the “R” word. Hopefully it got to one person!

  3. gracie said

    Finding this website makes my heart so happy. My daughter is intellectually challenged and she has been hurt so many times by people using the “R” word. Thank you for what you are doing!!


  4. Dr. Townsend said

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for initiating the Ban the “R” word campaign. My little brother, the dearest person in the world to me for 50 years now, suffers an intellectual disability. I thought that no one else would ever know how deeply hurtful that word has been to him, and to me, throughout our lives.

    Words hurt! Stop the “R” word!

  5. Kathleen said

    Thanks a lot for starting this website! It’s a comfort to know that others agree with me about the careless and hurtful use of the words retard and retarded in everyday life. it’s insensitive, hurtful, and stupid to just toss it around like pancakes at IHOP. Can I have an Amen here?

    • charles gribble said

      I will give you more than just an Amen. I work with a Sunday School class for the Mentally Challenged. I’m more than sure they will all want to help spread the word to end the r-word and purchase some of the pretty t-shirts on this site!

  6. darlene said

    i just did a search for something like this after hearing a young co-worker say she was retarded and was doing what she was doing the retarded way. it infuriated me, but i didn’t want to make a scene. i have a son with autism, and we work in grocery store where she could have easily offended a customer. i’m hoping to bring awareness to my workplace

  7. Melanie said

    Thankz for the website..

  8. mama mara said

    It’s about time! Thank you for helping to fight this epidemic of hate speech.

  9. ms_teacher said

    Thank you!!

  10. Jessica said

    thank you!!!

  11. Debbie said

    My son with Down Syndrome thanks you, and so does his mother. This site has me feeling very hopeful that we can erase this word.

  12. Zheng Yi said

    Bless you 🙂

  13. valmg said

    I just accidentally found your site. I think it’s an important message that you’re trying to send here and very worthwhile. I have a son with Down Syndrome and the widespread misuse of this word is absolutely infuriating as well as heartbreaking. Parents must teach their children to be open minded and compassionate. And all people should think before they speak.

  14. Phil said

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put all of this together. I added the icon to my Blog!

  15. Burg said

    This is awesome! I’m so happy to put this button on my blog!! Thanks for caring!

  16. Larissa Portillo said

    okay so i just watched this video and
    i have been talkin to the school becasue i am in student council
    but if there is any we can help please email me i am in the 9th grade and i am wantin to help u guys ban the r word so please email me back

  17. zacksmom said

    thank you for your site & your products!
    ever since I was a child I have Hated the ‘R’ word, and have Always taught my 7 children
    that it is a word Not Allowed in our home or out of their mouths…
    to me it is as bad as a swear-word, and they know it!
    thankfully, they are all growing into decent & compassionate kids who always stand up for
    others, particularly anybody ‘different’ in any way. my middle-schooler has even made it ‘cool’
    to stand up for those who can’t or won’t for themselves.
    turns out there was an excellent alternate reason that I raised them this way…
    our middle child, Zack, was Finally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome a year ago,
    and his six sibs are well-equipped to stand up for him & next to him with their heads
    held high and their hands in his!
    Keep Up the Great Work!

  18. Sabrina said

    Thank you so much for this website. I have a son with a form of autism, a seizure disorder, and other developmental delays. He is hurt on a weekly basis by other kids throwing the “R” word at him and I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only one who is bothered by it. Education is the key!

  19. Fran Decker said

    I have a 25 year old son with Down Syndrome. I’m glad to finally see a national effort to encourage greater sensitivity in our language. We all have blind spots and areas where we are just clueless. But with some gentle reminders and the concerted effort of a campaign like this, we can make real progress. Thank you

  20. Cody said

    Does this mean i can’t say retardondo in band class anymore?

    • stopsayingretard said

      Pronunciation [ree-tahr-dahn-doh;] –adjective, adverb Music.

      becoming gradually slower.


      Cody, its spelled “ritardondo” and if you feel it is to close to the ‘r’ word you are welcome to say ‘slow it down’ in band class.

  21. scott d.k. said

    disable and (i.q. 70) border line of retardation, have to say is people of all my life riddcule a condition i was born with! though been a struggle to compete in normal scoaity,was look as being retarded not capable of learning though my mom, was a adovate for people like me, told me learned things at differnt pace from normal person, but scoaity had a notion should be put in a corner and do dishes, that your not capable of learning anything else!!!!!!!!!!! so i decided to speak my mind and yes gotten into trouble for what i believe in but turn it, had wrong attiude for the job! perhaps on dating scene feel not incapable of having a marriage and family,women felt would give birth to down sydrome children, and distance themselves from me, in today,s don,t fit in because not computer literite,text messages, not in today,s scene so behind the times, lost serval friends because chosen a short-cut in life, but i try to put my faith into everything i did do but my father wanted me work on computer,s but i had a differnt dream,work with people,been working with infants to eldery and no regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though hoping to be independent and live in scoaity don,t judge people who are disable and differnt from normal, who stills shuts you out from getting a job, mention can provide a trained me, you guess right he never ever did hired or called back on progess! my mom, told if you want something enough,you have to scarifice,so i sold my bbcards get into this school, but i have to take tests to get into this progam, and hoping to find grant progam for finanicals and finding full- time job, fulfilled a realationship that wouldn,t be judged on being disable, saddley normal scoaity don,t apperiate the small details in life always overlooking the whole picture that moment could be right in front of her(?) but she listens to other people not inner-self that,s he,s the one!!!! perhaps did learned need to have LOVE+FAITH+HOPE+PATINENCE+UNDERSTANDING,we ALL have it we just misused our oppurintys in life and never,ever share it with people so still learning how to FORGIVE THE ARROGANCE OF PEOPLE!so may ALL the people i wronged FORGIVE ME,not seeing inner soul of person!!!! thank you scott k.

  22. don'tusetheword said

    i think that we should stop using this term towards other people mainly because it’s rude.

  23. molly said

    those kids should not have to feel that way everyday people are just so mean

  24. I really want to thank you for this website because I’m a mentally challenged person.

  25. Whoa.. Me and my friends are guilty of using that word all the time just messing around. I am soo sorry. I mean we were just being teens. And I mean I didn’t think we were hurting anyone because they don’t let us near the sped’s. So I mean it became a part of our vocabulary, we get burned for say f@%k and all that so we would just call each other the “R” word or like the South Park variation R-Tard. But now that I know I wont say it again, man because I hate it when people say homophobic things to me or around me, but I never thought I was effecting someone else with my own mouth. I will make it my mission to educate my friends about the actual effects of the “R” word

  26. Abby said

    I have been bothered by this for years. I used to get in fights as a child trying to stand up for my younger brother. Thank you so much for taking a stand!

  27. Meghan said

    What a great site, and I truly hope this movement is successful! I am a clinical social worker and work with people with disabilities, including developmental disabilities, and have seen some of them get hurt by others calling them a “retard”. There is just no reason for this word to exist.

  28. Ashley said

    I too have been raised knowing that it is my responsibility to stand up and speak out for those who may not necessarily be able to for themselves. On behalf of many people, children and adults alike, with or without disabilities, I would like to say thank you to all who are supporting this cause. I do believe the word in itself should not have to be eliminated but because of society and the ways in which the word is disrespected, we have been forced to find better and more respectful ways in which to present the diagnosis for a complex disability. My family ran a group home when I was younger and that is where I began my life. I shared a home with multiple people who have disabilities and I considered them much the same as me. It is disrespectful for people to say “retarded” and simply cover the word with “stupid”. Those with mental retardation are not stupid. It is not acceptable to believe that another word may simply replace “the r word”. I’ve stood on the platform about this many times and all those who surround me know not to say it in my presence. I am glad to see this issue being presented on a larger spectrum! Again, much appreciation to all in support!

  29. Laura said

    This site has helped me deal with a lot of pent-up rage due to hearing that word all the time used incorrectly and cruelly to put others down. I’m very offended by it and have had a hard time getting close family members to understand or empathize at all. So it’s very nice to see that you’ve organized this campaign. I am going to read the rest of the site and think about what I can do to help. My 16 year old son is disabled and I fear for his future every day because of the hatred I see around me. It’s comforting to know that there are people who ‘get it’ and that I’m not just hypersensitive or something. I’ve been made to feel like [wrong] when I’ve become upset about the ‘r’ word. Thank you for putting the time into this. I’ve passed this site on to a few friends already. 🙂

  30. Mina said

    Thank you so much for the tools and lessons on this page!
    As a 16 year old public high school student, I lead my school’s Unity Club and Social Inclusion club, which both focus on equality for everyone. By showing this page to my club members, I know I’ll be able to get the message across. 🙂

  31. Kim said

    This is great! Thank you…I have the logo on my wall at work.

  32. My uncle patrick has a disablity. He is younger then me and people call him the r word. I have a learning disablity and igot called the R word growing up. I just want patrick to have a good 2 years in high school with out getting made fun of. I want to cry when i see people talking about him in secret in a bad way. I am in partners club at my school and we are going to try to get the R word baned from our halls and our school.

  33. alison said

    THANK YOU SOOOO much! this is THE word that I wish would disappear!

  34. Rowena said

    Thank you for speaking out on this issue. I have an adult daughter with Autism and Intellectual Disabilites. My daughter also has a huge heart, is a good worker and friend and has a lot of courage for living through life where others often look down on you for being different. I recently was forwarded a picture on Facebook of a person with intellectual disabilities crossing the finish line in a race with the heading ” arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics if you win/finish you are still retarded” I felt sick to my stomach. I marked the picture as offense in Facebook. I searched for this phrase and found thousands of entries. This is incredibly ignorant and unacceptable. Thank you for your sight.

  35. Lauren Morrison said

    we are truly thankful that people are speaking out.

  36. hellow, one & all. iff i knew how to put this bage? up. on facebook i would. without hessetation? i have been. since i joined, facebook. a long list of friends, with dissabilities,for. people with, dissabilities, since my having a stroke. in 2005? this membership. has grown, to over (three & a half .hundred. ) people? & is constantly growing? so anny advice would be welkomed.? & thank you very mutch for this page/link? yours, colin.

  37. Mckayle Mosley said

    well my kinda of little sister has downs. she is so funny. when i walk into my school and i hear someone say the word retarded it makes me sad. also when my school says that my friends and i cant have a ban the r word sign up. it really ticks me oof… but when i am frustrated like that i will always come to this site and thank all of you guys for putting this on the internet!!! i am very greatful!!!


  38. melissa hunnicutt said

    well i think that this word is reallly hurtful and that people need to staop saying it so that is why onalaska high school of onalaska wisconsin is doing a thing to get people to stop saying the word because i have friends that have this disablilites and people think that its funny to say this word btu it isnt so people need to stop saying the “r” word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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